Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cat friendly office meow

This is my cat friendly home office.

My husband put this white IKEA shelf up for me and the girls. 


  1. Your Catification is excellent!:) Would you mind if I scrap your photo to my blog?
    Of course, I'll indicate source

    1. Hi,
      Sure go ahead. Please have the name of my blog and link.

      Giggly Cats

      Can you let me know when you post? Thanks,

  2. Now is as good a time as any :)
    And thanks for your inspiring blog and photos. Good luck to you and your cute cats!

  3. I love your cat tree! Is it custom or did you buy it somewhere? It looks easy to install!

  4. Hi - I am desperate to replicate your cat tower, but the Stolmen system has been discontinued, and I am not really a fan of the square version that Hollywood Franklin and Contempo are doing. If you ever want to sell it or can give me advice on how to replicate, please let me know! Thanks - Meredith