Sunday, March 31, 2013

Camera loves you, Rum

I love both of my cats equally but cannot help taking more pictures of Rum because she's more active and has a variety facial expressions compare to Kiki.

Big sis

 Kiki is very mellow and independent. 
She's never moody or restless.
She's physically strong and behaves well at vet.
She stays in bed with me when I'm sick, and she understands what I say.
She's the easiest cat to keep on earth basically.

IKEA rocks

I found this ikea hanging storage for $4.99 (click here)
and now it's Rum's favorite thing to play with.

Unfortunately Kiki doesn't really enjoy getting in it because her bottom is not so small as Rum's...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The girls will be the girls

I just found pictures of Kiki & Rum when they were still with Caring Friends Cat rescue. It's so funny those old pictures already show their personalities. Like Rum being stubborn, curious and super active. And Kiki being mellow, easy-going and independent.  

If you ever think of having a cat (or two), please visit Caring Friends Cat rescue website here
They have adorable cats and I cannot be any happier with these 2 perfect girls :) 

Friday, March 29, 2013


My cats normally don't really like being held or cuddled but Rum sometimes climbs up on my tummy and become super affectionate for a couple of mins! I love it when she does that :)


I'm eating my paw cos I'm hungry!! 

It's around 3pm. Always.

Rum goes really hyper around 3pm and starts wrestling with the stairs. 

"Now I'm done." 

Blog from

I came across this photo blog by Hiroyuki Ito and fell in love. 
It's a great story about a cat, photography and an artist's life in a city.

Sleeping Kiki

I cannot think of anything more peaceful than a scenery of a sleeping cat.. 

"Don't wake me up, mommy!!"