Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I love u

 Rum is usually a little rough to Kiki, but really she loves her sister.

Rum "Look, I'm good at grooming"

Kiki "Don't stop"

Daddy coming home yet?

The girls are waiting for daddy to come home.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bean bag and me

Lately Kiki and Rum have been enjoying this bean bag that I just bought.

Kiki is a classy type. 
She just lays on it, enjoys the sun, listens to birds singing, etc.

She also love the breeze coming in. 

 Serious look. I can tell she is relaxed, though.

 She falls asleep. It's around 2pm. Nap time.

Rum wants to play but Kiki doesn't want to leave the bean bag.

Rum also finds it relaxing to rest on it.

To start with, Rum is testing how comfortable. Not bad at all. 

 She can sit up nice and tall. Very good support.

 Look how giggly she is.

She can stretch her leg without falling backwards. 

Crazy cross eyes! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Giggly dogs

I was at my in-law's house earlier. 
Their salukis, Tig and Yufi are friends with my cats.
Such gorgeous dogs!!

These 2 salukis know how to ask for food with the cute & innocent look.  

Yufi on right 

"Food please. Anything left?"

My little Kiki

Kiki is my very first cat to own in my life. 
We first met in October 2012. 
Never seen a prettier cat than her before. 
I've been deeeeply in love with her since then.

My little Kiki. 

Rum is a true cat 2

"This is how a true cat supposed to play inside the scratcher!"

"Play like there is no tomorrow!"  

Rum is a true cat

 "I'll show you how a true cat supposed to play with a toy!"

"I'm tired.."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Holiday weekend

This holiday weekend, I decided to tidy the closet, which is pretty ambitious when these 2 girls are around. 

They love it when I throw some clothes out of the closet. 
A messy room is like Disney land for them, I guess.  

Now Kiki is ready for hide-and-seek.

Rum, tell me which shirts daddy should keep.

"Find me, mommy!" 

Secret meeting

I see this is the spot where you guys have a secret meeting.
Rum is already there waiting for Kiki to arrive. 

Not bad

Rum is getting more skillful at finding a hiding spot. Today she chose to be inside the pocket of the laundry basket. 


You're distracting me by being so cute. I cannot focus on my work. 


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I wish I were a cat

I work from home during the day watching the cats sleeping/eating/sleeping/eating/sometimes playing.. 

"Work hard, mommy."