Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Catography - It's 2pm

When I'm home, I try to take pictures of the cats around 2pm.
That's when I get soft and pretty day light through the blinds at home. 
It's perfect to photograph something soft and fluffy. 

I used my Canon 5D Mark2 with 50mm F1.2L lens for these shots below. 
1/200 Sec, F2.8~3.2, ISO 1000, 5300K.

If you use a digi compact camera, you can make it 2/3 ~ 1stop overexposed and you'll get this very bright creamy effect.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Modkat bed

We have a new cat bed!

Look how nice & modern it is.
We love the clean and futuristic style of this bed. 

This bed is actually the super cool Modkat Litter Box designed by Modko
We were going to use it as a litter box when it arrived, but Rum started sleeping in it, so since then it's been a bed for the cats.