Saturday, April 27, 2013


We just received some amazing stuff from Contempo Cat (click!) to finish off "catifying" our home.

We have done some work before (click!) but didn't quite finish everything.
So today we are going to complete our "cat superhighway" that is inspired by my hero Jackson Galaxy!

My husband does all the physical wok. I'm in charge of taking pictures for Giggly Cats. We both have tough jobs. 

Rum is trying to help daddy. 

 This triangle is to cover the wall speaker. And the girls won't try to land on it.

 Done!! It looks good! 

"On any good superhighway, you need to have ample lanes to accommodate the flow of traffic, as well as on- and off-ramps. In a multi-cat household, sharing a lane of traffic can cause conflict. Cats shouldn’t have to compete for space on a one lane dirt road."
- Jackson Galaxy

The girls started checking the new shelves out.

 Rum has never seen this canvas photo from that angle. 

"This is lots of fun!!" 

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