Monday, October 13, 2014

More catification

This weekend another catification project was completed at our house.
We put up some cube floating shelves on the wall above the dining table and a couple of shelves from Contempo Cat by the windows.

We decorated the cube shelves with some Japanese paper crafts. 
These are super light and look neat.

This is the opposite side of the wall that has been catified last year.

And this is the view of our living room from the loft. 

Rum already loves the new Contempo cat shelves.

Dante also wants to try but he doesn't know how to jump from the railing to the 1st shelf yet.

We have some more extra shelves left and thinking where to put up...


  1. Hi! What square shelves did you buy? I"m looking for something similar but can't find them.

    1. Hi! I bought these from Amazon but it seems unavailable currently.

      Maybe you can search for cube floating shelves? Hope this helps!