Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fluffy alien

Cats and bears

We recently re-decorated the living room wall.
I love how cozy and cute it looks. 
2 of the frames have my photography work. 
And the rest is from Etsy.
We were lucky to find the posters with our favorite animals which are cats and bear.
Etsy is the best place to find unique art work!  

Here is a closeup of the each picture. 

 The photo I took. Baby Rum.

 Dante looking curious.

World cat map from Art pause. 

Cats in the circus from Nice Mice.

Polar bear from Life On Mars.

Another polar bear from A Grape Design.

Catifying never ends.. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy cat happy life

A few days ago Kiki had her 2nd birthday. 
As she gets older she becomes more affectionate and friendly. 
Until very recently I didn't know she was a lap cat.

We met Kiki when she was 5 months old at the pet adoption event hosted by Caring Friends Cat Rescue in Southern CA in Oct 2012.
  She was with 2 of her sisters and looking very pretty but bored. 
Her foster mama said Kiki was the least affectionate one out of the 3 but we took her.

Kiki and her sisters

Kiki and her roommates at foster mama's place. 

Kiki was loudly purring and very happy when she first arrived at our house. 
She was incredibly friendly and following me everywhere.
 I was wondering how her sisters would be if Kiki was the least friendly one..  

She is very picky about people and doesn't really let anyone pet her except me and my husband.

She's a one love one life type of girl..

We love her very much and we've already given up trying not to spoil her.

Happy cat happy life :)

If you're looking to adopt a great cat like Kiki,