Sunday, June 30, 2013

Daddy, is everyday going to be Sunday?

Rum is one happy cat when she can take a nap with daddy on Sundays. 
Daddy is a busy man who works 6days a week.

"I love Sundays!" 

A big day for Dante

Today Dante's potential adopter is coming to meet him.

 Dante is wearing his favorite bow tie and looking very handsome.
I know he's a little nervous but he'll do great! 

"Do I look ok? I'm nervous..."

Wish him luck!!!!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Without doubt, Kiki is a smart, elegant and calm cat.  

... until she finds fresh laundry!
Today she's attacking daddy's boxer shorts.

"Soooo happy...!"

It's mine

Every time I bring this out, the cats get nervous and at the same time kind of excited.

Dante cannot take his eyes off of it. 
There is a true love/hate relationship between him and the "thing". 

 It's a vacuum cleaner.
The cats hate it when it's making crazy noise and blowing dusty air out, but it's off now. 
Let's check it out close! 

Kiki still doesn't trust that this is really switched off.

Look how close Kiki and Dante are! 
The awkwardness between these 2 is now gone! 
Because of the vacuum cleaner!  

"Is this mine?"
A big boy needs a big toy to play with!! 

Hey it's Caturday

"Are you working today?" Says Rum.

No I just want to update Giggly Cats that's all.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paint for Giggly cats

Recently Rum's been so into this iPad game called "Paint for cats". 
This is the coolest painting game I've ever seen! 
There is a mouse running around on the screen, which is almost like laser pointer effect and cats obviously love that.
 And every time a paw lands, a splash of paint appears on the canvas. 
It's just fun to watch a cat jumping on an iPad and trying to catch the cyber mouse! 

 Rum has no idea how this little mouse got locked in mommy's iPad.

"I'll catch you!!!" 

"Come out, mouse!!!" 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Featured on Catsparella!

This morning, I received awesome news.
Giggly Cats is featured on this amazing cat blog Catsparella! 

Thank you sooooo much for having my giggly ones' pictures!! 

Happy Caturday, everyone!

Ciao~ 🐱

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dante, you did it!

Look what happened! 
Dante managed to go up to the cats superhighway,
and now resting by the window! 

10 days ago, he couldn't make it (click!
but he's a real man now! 

"It's really high!" 

That triangle

Rum's nose. The cutest. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life is tough out there

It's been almost 3weeks since I started fostering Dante. 
He gets excited when I bring the laundry baskets out. Just like Rum and Kiki.

Dante in the basket. Rum trying to get him out. She thinks everything in the house belongs to her.  

Now Rum got a new basket and Dante wants to play in it, too.  

"Go away! This is my basket!" 

Kiki attacking dad's sock. She loves playing on her own. 

Rum is tired. She's bored, too cos Dante is gone.

"Was I too rough to him?"

"Life is tough here"

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photographer's cats

I love shooting close-ups of my cats.
Dante and Rum have given up running away when I get my camera out.
They just sit there patiently for me when I want to photograph them.

Dante ↓


On the other hand, Kiki never really lets me photograph her close. 
That's why my pictures of Kiki always end up shooting from distance or just her profile/back. 

"I need some privacy, mommy!"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dante video

Here is a video of Dante! Look how playful he is!!
He needs a forever home. 
If you are looking to adopt a loving cat, please contact kat at

And this is Dante's petfinder page. 

Friday, June 14, 2013