Saturday, June 1, 2013

New to Giggly Cats; Dante

Today I picked up this boy, Dante from Petsmart.
 Congratulations to myself! I'm now his official foster mom!

So yes I'm fostering this 13months old beautiful black male cat.

This photo was taken by his rescue group.

Dante literally arrived at my place this afternoon. 
He's now in the small room on his own, but still nervous and won't come out of the cage. 

He was just about to be taken to shelter.
And I just couldn't let it happen.
The reason why I decided to foster was simple like that.

Right now he seems stressed and frightened because he's been to so many adoption events lately and life's been a little hectic.
He needs some time to get used to this new environment and new family.
I hope he'll come out of the cage and start liking living with us.
I tell you Dante, life here isn't so bad.
My giggly girls are cute ones and you're gonna like them.

 At the moment Dante sends me lots of cat kisses (slow blinks) and I know he's really a happy & relaxed cat!

Some photos of Dante will be up here soon. Stay tuned!

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