Monday, June 10, 2013

I wish I were a cat

I love watching how the cats playing on the cat super highway.

Rum and Kiki are both pretty athletic.

Hi Rum!  

Hello Kiki! 

For some reason, Dante has no interest in going up there. 
He's never been on those cats shelves. 

Maybe he wants to join the girls but doesn't know how.. 
He needs to work on his shyness! 


  1. beautiful photos, feels very buttery on my eyes :)

  2. Those are awesome cat shelves! They are up so high!

  3. :) Ellen. thanks! We get lots of nice day light and it's perfect for taking pictures!

    Ann, thanks! Yes my cats LOVE the shelves! Dante is not so interested though. He likes being on the ground. Or too shy to join the girls!