Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A bit about Rum

Today, I got some photos from Jessica who adopted Rum out to me. 
Jessica works for Caring Friends Cat Rescue (click!). 

These photos were taken when Rum was still with her brother at her foster home. They were around 7 weeks old. 

 Baby Rum! How cute!

Rum's brother Munchkin. How handsome.

Munchkin and Rum. 

Rum and her foster mom Padme

Rum and Munchkin's actual mom came into the shelter when she was very sick and pregnant.
The shelter vaccinated her and that's probably what caused Munchkin to be born with one useful lung and Rum to be born so tiny. 
Also that probably caused their mom to dry up quickly, that's why Rum and Munchkin were raised by Padme. 

Rum is 1yr old now and is still tiny but has big attitudes! 

Loves to sleep!

 Loves her sister.

We love you :)