Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bean bag and me

Lately Kiki and Rum have been enjoying this bean bag that I just bought.

Kiki is a classy type. 
She just lays on it, enjoys the sun, listens to birds singing, etc.

She also love the breeze coming in. 

 Serious look. I can tell she is relaxed, though.

 She falls asleep. It's around 2pm. Nap time.

Rum wants to play but Kiki doesn't want to leave the bean bag.

Rum also finds it relaxing to rest on it.

To start with, Rum is testing how comfortable. Not bad at all. 

 She can sit up nice and tall. Very good support.

 Look how giggly she is.

She can stretch her leg without falling backwards. 

Crazy cross eyes! 

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