Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What happened to Dante

It's been 3 months since I started fostering Dante.
He was a shy boy to start with, but now he's a super loving goofy cat who chats a lot and eats a lot. 
And it's hard for us to imagine that we adopt him out when there is someone who get interested in him.

So basically we love him very much.
Then decided to adopt him and now Dante can live with us forever! 
I signed all the paperwork and sent back to his rescue group.
Dante is now officially our family! 


"I can stay here forever..." 

"Honestly I didn't want to move any more" 

"I'll be a good boy!" 


  1. Hooray! He is a very lucky boy to have such beautiful "sisters" and a loving home.

    1. :) Yeah we are so happy that he is new addition to the Giggly cats!!

  2. What a sweet looking boy. Thank you for adopting him!

    1. Thanks Sky! Yes he is very sweet, friendly and affectionate. We love him so much!

      Btw are you the one who fostered Kiki before I adopted her? She used to be called Moxie.
      Kiki 6months old.

      Now she's a fully grown cat :)