Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Our cats are very food motivated. They love eating. 
Here is what they eat.
1 and 6 are for their regular meals.
2 - 5 are treats.  

We've tried some different kinds of dry food before but this is so far the best.

These treats are moist and chewy. No artificial flavors and harsh preservatives. 

Dante, who has long coat, needs this. And so does Rum, who likes grooming Dante.

They don't let me brush their teeth... 

Kiki tends to constipate so this pumpkin works for her tummy. 


  1. BFF is The Best! One of our kitties is the exact opposite of constipated and this really helps her poor tummy.

    1. That's great! Yes their products are amazing.
      Our cats love this flavor the best!

  2. My cats also get the Royal Canin IH Formula, and they really like it! Even the picky one who usually only eats moist food.

    1. Nice! Our cats love it, too. Dante (the black cat) is normally the most picky one but he's crazy about this food :)